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Rain in Reno, NV

July 23, 2012

It’s starting to rain pretty regularly here in Reno.

It rained on May 25 (0.30″) and then just 59 days later
it rained again, to our measurable relief.  First there was
0.01″ around 3 am this morning, and about 8 am a caravan
of many dozens of drops gave us another hundredth.

In the last year and 23 days, we’re getting enticingly
close to that mystical 3 inch mark.  (Reno has in the
past gone a year with about an inch total.)

Though, with temperatures in the mid and upper 90s,
these airport arrivals are eager to follow aviation
tradition and slip the surly bonds of earth.  They
were cleared for takeoff almost immediately.

The monsoon has brought a train of spotty totals
northward into the eastern portions of Nevada and
the Great Basin, some heavy, some lighter than
aerogels.  All connected to the same system that
has been producing the heat and dryness in the
midwest.  A classic plume of moisture moving
north then curving east toward mostly the northern
plains (see attached water vapor image from this
A little impulse attached more to the westerly
flow and the slow moving closed low now proceeding
inland in the PNW has brought some rain to the
western Great Basin yesterday and today.  Very spotty
though, and on balance the heat dominates over the
meager moisture when averaged over space.

As is typical, away from the Sierra Front, summer
thunderstorms have a little more chance to develop,
and so there’s been a little more precipitation
in west central Nevada.

If anything the little patch of D3 might expand just
a tad.  The other D3 in eastern Nevada is probably
not going too much toward worse or better.


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