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Nevada – could an El Nino be a drought buster ?

August 18, 2014



Can northwestern Nevada climb out of the drought with El Nino precipitation?

CNAP researcher Mike Dettinger has applied his analysis of the potential impact of an El Nino winter on making a dent in the 2-year drought situation to the climate divisions in the state of Nevada. The current chances of having an El Nino winter are about 65%. El Nino winters typically (but not always) spell wet conditions and the figure shown here illustrates the how precipitation from past El Nino winters would impact the current water deficit. The first dashed line (at about 10 inches) shows how much precipitation is needed to get to normal for water year 2013-14 (which ends September 30, 2014) – no prior El Nino winters would get us out of the current deficit. The higher dashed line (at about 20 inches) shows how much precipitation would be needed to get back to normal. 17% of the historical El Nino winters brought this area back to normal.

Please click here to see more of Mike’s analysis for Nevada.
Click here to see Mike’s analysis for California.

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