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Falling short of a drought busting year: Update from KPBS Drought Tracker

March 11, 2016

March 10, 2016

CNAP researchers contributed data and information to San Diego PBS affiliate KPBS announcing local conditions would fall short of the precipitation necessary to break the California drought.


Graphic from KPBS; click to link to story

DATA SOURCES for above graphic: Rainfall data comes from a weighted average of 96 weather stations throughout the state. Snowpack data represents the average of three different multi-station measures of the northern, central and southern Sierra snowpack. Scripps Institution of Oceanography researchers, through the California Nevada Applications Program RISA and the Center for Western Weather and Water Extremes, helped compile the data.

CNAP researcher Dan Cayan is quoted in the article:

Scripps Institution of Oceanography climate researcher Dan Cayan, who helped compile data for the KPBS Drought Tracker, said to truly put a dent in the drought, those numbers would have to hit 150 percent by April 1.

“We’re probably not going to see 150 percent,” Cayan said. “Which is at the upper end of the precipitation that might’ve been expected even in a heavy year.”



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